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Counselling at Sanjeevani Foundation

Welcome to Sanjeevani Foundation Individual Counselling and Therapy program. Individual counselling is tailored to the specific needs of the individual, which means it can be beneficial to almost anyone. An individual’s current needs will dictate the treatment plan, though this could change over the course of therapy. Whether you’re coping with grief or psychological trauma, handling depression or career dissatisfaction, or simply seeking to improve your general outlook, individual counseling can provide some form of healing. Along the way, the therapist will likely identify unhealthy behavioral patterns you may not even be aware of, so therapy can help you grow as a person, too.


There are many introvert people and this is a very common behavior found in addict so the Inventory session plays important role during treatment because the one who feels hesitate to speak about their problem they can write and analyze their daily problems and work on them.

Morning Meeting

In this session a whole family members discuss with the counsellor about the problems they are facing step wise in the house. In this session we learn value system and to live discipline life.