Sanjeevani Foundation is here to help you or your loved one

Sanjeevani Foundation is a leading drug and alcohol de-addiction/rehabilitation center. Our Centre is located in Meerut. The Centre has provided hope, strength & recovery to thousands of patients from across the country. We offer a professional world class best rehabilitation program that factors in the latest global best practices in the field of de-addiction. The goals are to instill a sense of loneliness and unity that provide assistance to all Alcoholics and Drug users to help them kick their habit.

Sanjeevani Foundation Mission

“Sanjeevani Foundation mission is to improve Addiction treatment options and provide low-cost, high-quality and effective treatment to all those able to access it”

Sanjeevni Foundation Philosophy

Our Approach at Sanjeevani Foundation offers you a chance to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The center addresses narcotic substance/alcohol use and abuse (like alcohol containing drinks, drugs, cocaine, marijuana, smack, cannabis and ‘injectable’ drugs etc.) The healing process involves working on the patient’s thought process, attitudes and behavior. Through Alcoholics Anonymous’ 12-Step spiritual therapy, it heals the person holistically – be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually and Therapeutic Communities to identify areas for change such as :-negative personal behavior, Social, Psychological. In the process the recovering addict is able to become a more sincere, responsible and productive member of society.

  • Meditation : Meditation is a process in which we shift from thinking to feeling. The heart is never truly satisfied with feeling.
  • Sharing Session : As we all know sharing is caring ,sharing session is a backbone of the treatment.
  • Individual counselling : Individual counselling is tailored to the specific needs of the individual, which means it can be beneficial to almost anyone. An individual’s current needs will dictate the treatment plan, though this could change over the course of therapy.
  • Physical Therapy : Is just as important as emotional therapy. So fitness is a core element of our treatment. Daily exercise improves self-esteem and installs the structure and discipline needed for ongoing recovery.

Sanjeevani Foundation Promise

If you are willing to work our program and follow our suggestions, then you can recover from addiction or alcoholism. You will never need to use again. However, Sanjeevani Foundation cannot completely cure you from the disease of addiction. Therefore, we do not claim to have a cure because that is impossible.

There is no doubt that addiction has a detrimental effect on the brain, causing long-term damage to brain chemistry and pathways now considered a chronic disease because we cannot remove the damaged parts of your brain. Also what triggered the addiction is individual and interesting, reconciling abuse, trauma or changing your environment, unfortunately, does not remove the pathways of addiction, so on-going self-management is essential.